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Ronnie-Frey-6More than 25 years designing both commercial and residential spaces has provided me with a seasoning that only comes with time. I am influenced by many different styles and vernaculars. Inevitably though, I believe that great design should have exceptional form & function. 

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bathroom2Who says a bathroom has to boring or predictable?

cogsCogs and gears confiscated from my dad's farm equipment78Old signage "78" (my birthday), elevation of Grand Rapids city hall and a red ladder from an old windmillBooksFavorite books, lacquered end table and my dad's wooden tool boxNightstand 2My nightstands: upper kitchen cabinets mounted to the wall and turned upside down, creating an ambient light source for objects and artStarOld, rusted Texaco gas station star now finds its home in my apartment - dramatic due to its scale: 72" tip to tipAptVintage oil painting of Grace Kelly and an old mechanics swirl seat used as a side table in my apartmentI love using things I find in ways they were not intended.  These are a few of my favorite things.




Palm BeachA living room design for a client's third home in Palm Beach, Florida, showcases monotoned fabrics in various textures and furniture design with clean lines.

EndimioneThe face of Endimione executed in a mosaic tiled wall by Bisazza signifies the women's lounge and powder bath in this small anteroom space with a groin vaulted ceiling. The space is adjacent to a custom designed bar and entertainment ballroom in a client's home. A simple, modern mirrored chair, in stark contrast to the classic nature of this alcove, offers a place to contemplate and adds a sparkling edge to the experience.