Balcony Breezes

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IMG 8964Above: Balcony beforebalcony 3balcony5balcony4Above: dining areaDesign Problem:  A narrow & long balcony with low light levels (northern exposure), entrances from two different rooms and an AC unit directly in the middle making it diificult to furnish.

Solution:Neutral furnishings are unified with the railing finish and floor membrane color.  One single bright pop of yellow/yellow-green, is repeated on chairs, flowers, planters.  The straight and rectilinear lines of the balcony are repeated in the style of the lounge chairs and ottoman, specifically chosen for this reason.   Their small scale and narrow width also made them perfect choices for the space allowing for needed circulation on the balcony.  

The lounge chairs are juxtaposed with curvilinear and circular shaped tables and dining chairs in order to soften the edgy look.  A wooden toolbox and segment of an old barn beam (both found in a barn on the owner’s childhood farm) are planted with flowers and used as a sculpture to camouflage the AC unit.  In turn they also help give the space part of it’s signature. 

IMG 1579Above: lounge area IMG 1569