Mirror, Mirror

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pbath b4Above: powder bath before pbath oa sinkAbove: overall view of roompbath roomviewAbove: overall view showing wall panels and wall covering pbath crownAbove: detail of flat, stepped crown moldingpbath detail cabinetAbove: detail of floating cube sink cabinetpbath detail sinkAbove: detail of faucet, stone & illuminated sinkDesign Problem: A small & constricted powder bath with mismatched furnishings badly in need of a facelift.

Solution:  A mahogany wall panel system was designed that seamlessly integrates a flat, stepped crown and base molding with vertical wall panels. The sink cabinet which is cube-shaped and floats off the floor is also integrated into the panel system.  A toilet with clean lines and smaller dimensions was installed as well as a faucet mounted in the wall and a beautiful stone countertop.

The window and the mirror were also incorporated into the panel system, which organizes the space and gives it architectural presence. Two new light sources were added, one being a wall sconce that hangs from the wood panels, the other being a glass sink, lit from below emitting a soft glow.  As the final detail a custom colored wall covering was installed into the panels and now this tiny room is a space that makes a huge statement.