Spacious Studio

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studiob4Above: before photo
studio oaAbove: overall photo showing dining for two and fabric wall dividing spacestudio3Above: detail showing fabric wall and desk in backgroundstudio1Above: entrance hallstudio2Above: detail showing fabric panels parted for daytime hours - swivel tv stand in backgroundstudiobedAbove: bedroom areaDesign Problem:
  A 525 sq. ft. studio space that was a boring white box.

Solution: Darker paint color gives a sense of sophistication and makes the walls appear to recede as well as making the space look larger.  Hospital cubicle track mounted to the ceiling divides the space in half and the use of drapery creates a separation of space and makes “doorways” from living room to bedroom.  Fabric panels create a sense of discovery and mystery and give the space presence.   A dining table for two placed in the center of the room further maximizes the space.  

During the day the panels can be moved to the side sending more light in the interior space.  A swivel TV stand allows for viewing from the living area or the bedroom area.  The living space is furnished with a small 2 piece sectional and ottoman for flexibility.  The bed is located directly behind the dining table.  The layout even makes room for a desk with views to Lake Michigan!