Yes More Drama

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DRB41Above: Dining Room beforeDRN1DRs1DRChairAbove: detail of chair fabricDRLightAbove: detail of imported hand blown glass chandelierDRfireplaceAbove: detail of fireplace crystalsDRWTAbove: detail of window treatment and hardwareDesign Problem: A large white rectagular dining room that was used at the most twice a year and badly needed an update.  The client wanted to keep most furnishings, updating as necessary.

Solution:  This room was screaming, "Add some drama to my life!"  When working with dining spaces I always think back to fabulous, moody and dramatic spaces I have dined in when traveling or in an amazing hotel, etc.  Many times a dark or candlelit space with some high contrast lighting will ignite the senses making for a space that is unforgettable, thereby creating a dining "experience", enhancing the company and conversation.  

The walls were upholstered in a dark, elegant wool sateen fabric and a wood molding was installed at chair rail height, painted the same color as the fabric, allowing the fabric to be hung horizontally and seamless.  This instantly created a dark, moody space but also absorbs sound making the room more quiet and therefore adding to the mysterious experience of the room.  The fireplace and door/window trims were painted satin black, giving the room a sophistication and another detail that was dark in nature.  A new, custom wool and silk rug was designed with a simple, but overscaled pattern to give the room an update, the silk adding a reflective element.  The chairs were re-upholstered in a black on black stripe and new, silk window treatments were added, the rod and finial combination in high gloss black and crystal.

Further drama was added by changing the chandelier to an imported hand blown glass fuxture with black shades.  Small pinspot recessed cans were added in the ceiling to give splashes of light to the table top but leavining the perimeter of the room more shadowed.  Vintage Murano glass lamps were added to the server for more pools of light to the darker side of the room.  To add some additional elegance and sparkle, the fireplace was equipped with a gas fire strip and shattered glass crystals used instead of logs.